Wear Green on September 26 to Support "Start with Hello" Campaign

    • September 23 through 27 marks a national week-long campaign called Start with Hello.

      The Start with Hello campaign was started by the Sandy Hook Promise organization and is designed to help teach students to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation. There are young people who suffer silently in every school and in every community because they feel left out, alone, or invisible. Start with Hello week is intended to help students start the back-to-school season and feel seen, accepted, and safe.

      To recognize Start with Hello week, District 300 staff and students will be encouraged to wear green on Thursday, September 26, to show support for those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012.

      Start with Hello week asks students and community members to reach out to individuals using a three step process:

      • STEP 1 - See Someone Alone: This step helps student understand social isolation, identify and empathize with those who may feel socially isolated, and recognize the importance of connecting with others who feel socially isolated.

      • STEP 2 - Reach Out And Help: This step asks students to consider strategies for connecting with others.

      • STEP 3 - Start with Hello: The final step provides methods that students can use to build lasting relationships with others.

      During the Start with Hello campaign, District 300 students will participate in activities to reinforce these steps including ice breakers, relationship builders, and team-building activities.