Safety and Security

  • In these uncertain times, an emergency or disaster can strike any school community at any time. It is the responsibility of schools to care for and protect what is, arguably, this country’s most valuable resource: children. Safety and a sense of security are key elements of a positive learning environment. Without such security, schools cannot function effectively especially if teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn when they are – or feel that they are – continuously under threat. Safety, therefore, should be the first responsibility of administrators, teachers, counselors, supporting staff members, and persons at every level, both within our schools and our communities.

    Whether a school-related emergency takes the form of natural disasters, such as fires, tornadoes or earthquakes, or man-made disasters, such as school shootings, active violence or acts of terrorism, the school system should be prepared to respond to these types of events and to work in partnership with local public safety officials to address the needs of the affected students and staff quickly and to return the school community to a state of normalcy.

    Crisis prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery are the most important focus of this school district. There is NOTHING more important to District 300 than the safety and security of our students, staff, and the visitors of our school campuses.

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