Parent Responsibilities

  • How can I log into PowerSchool Learning (Formerly Haiku)?  What information can I see?

    Parents can view all curriculum and assignments given to students (including the Chromebook Driver's Academy) by logging in with their parent login to PowerSchool Learning. All parents have logins as follows:

    • Your username is the email address you have entered in IC with the "@" sign replaced with a ".". For instance, if your IC email was, your Haiku username would be and the password is District300. (If you do not have an email in IC, please log into the parent portal and change your contact preferences.)

    • To log into PowerSchool Learning, click on, Parents, Quick Links, PowerSchool Learning. Once you have logged into PowerSchool Learning, you can see all of the PowerSchool Learning classes, including the Chromebook Driver's Academy that your students can see.

    • During the registration process, parents sign the parent permission form for students to take devices home 3rd - 12th grade.


    What fees are associated with 1:1?

    The $40 Technology Fee provides insurance for the device.

    • If a device is covered under a manufacturer warranty, there is no charge

    If a device is broken and is not covered under warranty, the following fines are charged:

    • 1st incident of accidental damage = $25
    • 2nd incident of accidental damage = $50
    • 3rd incident of accidental damage = $75
    • 4th incident of accidental damage = Full replacement cost (K-12: $210 for a non-touch Chromebook; Pre-K: $250 for a touch Chromebook)

    If it is determined that the damage was not accidental, and was malicious, you may have to pay the full replacement cost.

    Chargers are not covered under the device insurance.

    Charger replacement = $26

    Lost Chromebook case/sleeve = $19


    How do I use the Securely Parent Portal?

    As the primary guardian, you will receive an email beginning 11/15 showing your student's activity on the chromebook while they are off-campus. Click here for a sample parent email.

    For a preview of how to read the parent email and utilize the Parent Portal, please view the video below.



    Where can I go for addtional help and information?

    For additional questions or concerns, please click here to email Anne Pasco, Director of Digital Literacy and Innovation.

    Click here for additional technical help and information.