1:1 Program Initiative

  • What is the 1:1 Program Initiative?

    1:1 refers to one device for every one student. This shift to a 1:1 digital environment, however, is not really about devices. Instead, it is about transforming teaching and learning. Increased technology in classrooms allows for differentiated, adaptive, personalized learning.

    Utilizing 1:1 technology in the form of chromebooks allows

    • Students to own their own learning
    • Students to access up-to-date information when they need it (i.e. digital textbooks are kept up to date)
    • Teachers to see (in real time) how students are learning and where they are in their path towards mastery of the content
    • For easier ways to reach diversity in learning styles
    • For increased collaboration while honoring the introspective voice
    • Teachers to prepare students for an increasingly more technology-dependent world
    • Teachers to develop environment where students stay engaged

    The resources below are provided to support parents in understanding the 1:1 Digital Shift on a deeper level: 

    Click here to view The Digital Shift PowerPoint Presentation presented to the District 300 Board of Education on January 12, 2016.

    Click here to view the Parent Orientation PowerPoint presentation.