Peer Jury

    • Peer Jury is comprised of students who are representative of all high schools; the students are referred to as Jurors or Peer Jurors and meet twice a month. Sessions are held at 5:30 p.m. at either the School District Administration Center in Carpentersville, or at the Westfield Professional Development Center in Algonquin.

      The process is simple: A student discipline case is referred to Peer Jury through administrative recommendation. Primary in the process of Peer Jury is the cooperation and admission of guilt by the student as well as consent and cooperation of the student’s parent or guardian. The student and his or her parent/guardian sign the consent form and are assigned a Peer Jury date.  A representative of the school or district must also appear with a written or verbal account of the action for which the student was referred. 

      The student and parent/guardian appear before the jury on the specific date assigned. The student is called in by a Juror bailiff and “sworn in.” Instructions are read to the student and the Jurors commence their inquiries of the student. Jurors may also ask questions of the parents and the school administrator. Once the Jury completes its questioning, the student and his or her parent/guardian are excused and the jury’s deliberation begins. [If there are co-offenders, the Jury will hear all matters prior to deliberating.] The Jurors reserve the right to recall a student to ask additional questions for clarification. Once the Jurors have reached a conclusion, the student and parent/guardian are recalled, and the sentence and time frame for completion are explained. 

      When the student receives the Peer Jury sentence, the student may be asked to return to Peer Jury at an assigned date. The student is responsible for demonstrating proof of completion. Upon demonstrating proof of completion, the student is either re-assigned tasks, or is released – indicating that the student has fulfilled all the required parameters that the Peer Jury had assigned. If a student fails to complete the sentence, the student may be given additional time to do so, at the discretion of the Jury, or the student may be referred back to administration for further disciplinary action.  Failure to comply with Peer Jury constitutes an additional offense.

      Click here for the Peer Jury application and program overview for the 2014-2015 school year.