e-Learning Information for May 2020

    • Beginning April 1, District 300 will shift from asynchronous (not-live) learning to synchronous (live) learning. This shift will allow our students and staff to interact in real-time. 

      • Synchronous Learning (Live): Synchronous learning/instruction refers to a learning event in which a group of students is engaged in learning at the same time. The staff member is teaching students in real-time.

      • Asynchronous Learning (Not Live): Asynchronous learning/instruction is the concept that students learn the same material at different times and locations. This includes pre-posted lessons or recorded and posted lessons.

      To support this effort, District 300 will utilize a combination of video conferencing services, including Google Hangouts, Google Meets, and Zoom. 

      Student e-learning schedules


      How Parents and students can access Haiku

      Teachers will be communicating e-Learning expectations to their respective classes.

      • Parents can access Haiku directly by clicking here. The directions to access Haiku are available by clicking here.

      • Parents can receive Haiku support by clicking here or by emailing Anne Pasco, District 300's Director of Innovation and Digital Learning at Anne.Pasco@d300.org.

      • Students access Haiku via Rapid Identity. Directions to login to Rapid Identity from home are available by clicking here.


      Previous e-learning Communications 


      e-Learning Support for students and Families 

      Should students or parents encounter technical difficulties via e-Learning, students can follow their normal process requesting support:

      • If a student is able to access Haiku: he or she can submit a "Student help desk ticket” in the Student 1:1 Help Desk in Haiku.

      • For students in grades 6th through 12th: After receiving a help desk ticket,  a Digital Learning Coach will email 6th through 12th grade students directly to provide support.

      • For students in grades kindergarten through 5th: After receiving a help desk ticket, a Digital Learning Coach will work with a student's teacher to provide support.

      • If students are unable to access Haiku to submit a help desk ticket: they can email District 300's Director of Innovation and Digital Learning, Anne Pasco, at Anne.Pasco@d300.org.

      • For parents: if you need support please fill out a support ticket here.

      E-Learning information and Summer School

      Due to the current situation with COVID-19, D300 will adjust its summer school program for summer 2020.  This year, all courses will be delivered using D300’s online learning platform, Odyssey, and students will participate in coursework from home.  There will not be any on-campus or in-person courses this summer. D300 summer school teachers will have online daily office hours where students can virtually join and engage with a teacher.

      Odyssey is an online platform providing curriculum for a variety of subject area disciplines and is aligned to State and National Learning Standards.  Through Odyssey, students have a variety of embedded instructional supports at their fingertips in every lesson, including literacy, fluency, and audio examples. Students will receive immediate feedback throughout lessons and assessments to guide their learning.  Through this option, students will be independent learners and progress forward once they’ve demonstrated success.  This allows them to spend more time on concepts and skills they find more challenging and haven’t demonstrated knowledge proficiency.  

      Odyssey allows students to complete their work at their own pace anywhere they have access to the internet.  Students and parents must be aware of the self-paced nature of the course and students must be responsible for daily progression in the course they are enrolled in to ensure on-time completion.  

      D300 Odyssey summer course information

      • Students are assigned a pre-test at the beginning of each unit to determine if they are already competent in concepts addressed in the unit. 

      • If the student achieves a score at or above 70%, Odyssey automatically skips the rest of the unit and the student takes the pretest for the following unit. 

      • If the student does not achieve a score at or above 70%, Odyssey assigns the lessons within the unit that the student did not demonstrate competency.

      • Students are only allowed to take the pretest one time. 

      D300 summer school staff realize this option may not be the best learning environment for each student, however, we also realize some students may flourish in an online environment.  Below is a link to a form confirming your intent on attending summer school 2020.  This form is only accessible through D300 Student Email and Rapid Identity logins.  Please click the link and complete the short confirmation survey by 12:00 PM on April 27, 2020.  If you do not submit the survey, we will assume you are attending summer school 2020.

      To provide full transparency, students and parents should be aware when taking these summer web-based courses, a WB prefix will appear on the student’s transcript.  Currently, institutions of higher education have varying interpretations and admission standards and some may question a transcript with WB (indicating web based) course.  In addition, NCAA clearinghouse does not currently recognize these WB courses for future NCAA collegiate athletic eligibility.  D300 cannot advise students on specific scenarios relating to future NCAA and/or higher education impact.  D300 suggests students investigate and speak with higher education and/or NCAA representatives about specific situations.  Students can access NCAA online at http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future


      Información del aprendizaje en línea para abril del 2020

      A partir del 1 de abril, el Distrito 300 hará el cambio del aprendizaje asíncrono (no en vivo) al aprendizaje sincrónico (en vivo). Este cambio permitirá a nuestros estudiantes y al personal interactuar en tiempo real.

      • Aprendizaje sincrónico (en vivo): El aprendizaje/instrucción sincrónico se refiere a un evento de aprendizaje en el que un grupo de estudiantes participa en el aprendizaje al mismo tiempo. El miembro del personal está enseñando a los estudiantes en vivo.

      • Aprendizaje asincrónico (no en vivo): el aprendizaje/instrucción asincrónica es el concepto de que los estudiantes aprenden el mismo material en diferentes momentos y lugares. Esto incluye lecciones previamente publicadas o lecciones grabadas y publicadas.

      Para apoyar este esfuerzo, el Distrito 300 utilizará una combinación de servicios de videoconferencia, incluyendo Google Hangouts, Google Meets y Zoom.


      Horarios de los Estudiantes para el Aprendizaje en Línea


      Cómo pueden los padres y estudiantes accede Haiku

      Los maestros comunicarán las expectativas del aprendizaje en línea a sus respectivas clases.

      • Los padres pueden acceder a Haiku directamente haciendo clic aquí. Las instrucciones para acceder a Haiku están disponibles haciendo clic aquí.

      • Los padres pueden recibir ayuda para Haiku haciendo clic aquí o enviando un correo electrónico a Anne Pasco, Directora de Innovación y Aprendizaje Digital del Distrito 300 a Anne.Pasco@d300.org.

      • Los estudiantes acceden a Haiku a través de Rapid Identity. Las instrucciones para iniciar sesión en Rapid Identity desde casa están disponibles haciendo clic aquí.


      Comunicación Previa sobre el Aprendizaje en Línea

      A lo largo de nuestros cierres por el coronavirus, el Distrito 300 ha enviado múltiples comunicados del aprendizaje en línea. Para su conveniencia a continuación, se incluyen los mensajes de aprendizaje en línea más relevantes: