AT&T Email Issue

    • District 300 would like to thank our community for your patience and support as we worked through our first winter storm and school closure of the season on November 26th.

      It has come to our attention that some community members did not receive emails sent from District 300 regarding the school closure. After performing an investigation, District 300 has learned that AT&T is blocking email messages sent from our Rapid Communication System (RCS). As a result, when District 300 or a District 300 school uses the RCS to send email messages, those emails are not being delivered to parents or guardians who use any of the following email providers: AT&T, Ameritech, Prodigy, and SBCGlobal.

      This issue originally occurred earlier this fall. At that time, District 300 informed AT&T of the issue and it was temporarily resolved. Upon learning that the District’s RCS messages from November 26th were undelivered to some of our parents, District 300 contacted AT&T again to report a recurrence of this issue. However, it does not appear the situation will be resolved in the foreseeable future. Therefore, District 300 strongly urges parents and guardians who have an AT&T, Ameritech, Prodigy, or SBCGlobal email address on file in their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, to add an additional email address to continue receiving emails from District 300 and their child’s school. For assistance adding an additional email address in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, please refer to a step-by-step tutorial by clicking here.

      Additionally, parents with an AT&T (or subsidiary) email address who subscribe to a school’s daily announcements will need to provide an additional email address (not affiliated with AT&T) to continue receiving daily announcements. Parents and guardians can subscribe to a school’s daily announcements by clicking on the “Daily Announcement Sign Up” form located on the bottom of the following pages: Algonquin Middle School, Hampshire Middle School, Westfield Community School, Dundee-Crown High School, Hampshire High School, and Jacobs High School.

      While District 300 does not endorse or recommend any specific email provider, Gmail and Yahoo! are free alternatives for parents who may need to change their email address.

      Please note: this issue only involves email messages. Parents and guardians who use AT&T for their home or mobile phone service are still able to receive phone calls from District 300 and all District 300 schools. All urgent District 300 messages, including snow day closures, will always be sent as a phone call and an email. Additionally, District 300’s RCS system is primarily used when the district or a school sends an email or phone call to a mass audience. This AT&T issue only impacts messages sent using the RCS and does not impact individual correspondences between a parent and District 300 staff member as those messages are not sent using the RCS.

      In addition to the AT&T email situation, District 300 has also received multiple requests for middle school and high school students to begin receiving text messages sent from our RCS.