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Lakewood Middle School
Principal Tim Loversky
Spring 2012

Is it an elementary or middle school? Lakewood School is a little bit of both. Serving students in Carpentersville and East Dundee, this unique school currently has only two grades, fifth and sixth. Students receive the benefits of an elementary school climate while acquiring the tools they need to prepare for the higher grades.

Students at Lakewood have access to many fine programs which enable them to explore new levels of personal and academic growth. "Dare to Be Rare" and "Man in Demand" are annual conferences for girls or boys that build character, promote school spirit, and connect students to the community. Additionally, VOICES and PBIS provide students with the opportunity to find their voice while exploring key social issues. At inception, Lakewood was a very different school.

Lakewood was built in 1958 and opened its doors in September of 1959. The land which Lakewood was built on was donated by the Besigner family. At the time of its opening Lakewood was called "Lakewood Junior High School".

Lakewood had 16 regular classrooms, 3 special science rooms, 2 shop areas, art and drafting, food and clothing laboratories, a gymnasium, boys and girls locker rooms, band, vocal music, library, 2 study halls, and a total of 31 teaching stations. Its current square footage is 74,620.

In the years 1959-1969, Lakewood served 7th, 8th and 10th grade students. In 1967, an addition was attached to the west end of the building to accommodate increasing enrollment. For the subsequent nine years Lakewood was home to 7th, 8th and 9th graders. In 1984, Lakewood welcomed kindergartners through 5th graders who stayed until Lakewood took on its current configuration in 2001.

Lakewood has been cheered on by various mascots during its history, including; The Raiders, The Lightning, The Junior Cougars, and is currently the home of the Lakewood Bulldogs.

There have been in total 8 principals. The first was Kenneth E. Neubert from 1959-1965, followed by Lawrence Gilbert from 1965 -1980. The third principal was Robert C. Steinbrink from 1980 -1982 followed by its 4th principal, Norman R. Wetzel from 1982 -1983. Lakewood was then closed and rented out for a year by ECC. In 1984, Principal, George Strombom reopened Lakewood's doors to kindergarteners through 5th graders. Mr. Strombom was followed by Principal, Ruthann Ryan. Principal Steve Renne opened the doors to 5th and 6th graders in 2001. Finally, our current principal, Timothy Loversky, has served Lakewood from 2004 to the present time.

The first secretary was Ann McNichols. She worked at Lakewood for 24 years- 1959 to 1983. The current secretaries are Jabez Ettiene, Ruby Rivera, Carmen Contreras, and Arianis Dominguez.

Lakewood has taken many turns throughout the years. It went from a junior high, to an elementary until becoming a pioneer of the 5th - 6th grade model. There is a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm around Lakewood. With many good changes, the future looks bright.

If you have any information regarding Lakewood's history, please contact us at 847-428-1191. Thank you.

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