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Golfview Elementary
Principal Trish Whitecotton
Spring 2012

Golfview School opened in November 1959. Students from Fairview Elementary were gradually transitioned into Golfview. Golfview is named after the residential neighborhood in which it is located.

In the beginning Golfview had less than 400 students in K-6. The students had 1 hr and 15 min. for lunch and the population was primarily Anglo. Today, we have nearly 600 students in K-4, 30 min. lunches and our population is primarily Hispanic. Just like the rest of the world, Golfview has seen many changes!

In 1968 Golfview added several classrooms to accommodate K-2 classrooms. In 1975 Golfview added a library and central air conditioning to parts of the building. The front of the building was added in 2002. This addition included a new main office, nurse's office, conference rooms, staff lounge and work room. The entire building now has central air conditioning. The original building, in 1959, was 30,856 sq. ft. Golfview currently has 45, 266sq. ft. of "learning space". During the summer of 2009, six additional classrooms will be added and the library will receive a complete make-over.

Golfview has enjoyed the reputation for having strong and effective leadership. The first principal was Donald Rich who eventually became Assistant Superintendent of District 300.

Former teacher and author, the late Virginia French, was awarded the District 300 Teacher of the Year and the Kane County Teacher of the Year awards. Clifford Berutti served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Freedom. Our present head custodian Bill Muir has followed in his father's footsteps. The late George Muir was our head custodian for many years before his retirement. Bill's mother, Betty, also worked at Golfview as a cook for our food service!

Over the years, Golfview has had many surprises. Some made us sad, some made us laugh, but mostly, they made us happy. A couple of notable surprises include:

  • Winning a trip to the Ice-capades for the entire school due to the efforts of teacher, Ginny French.
  • Golfview welcomed an emergency landing of a hot air balloon on the playing field during an outdoor Physical Education class!
  • On September 11, 2001, our students were stunned by airplanes flying so low they could see the faces of the passengers. The airplanes were going to O'Hare field to keep the passenger from danger. The surprises never end!

As we approach our 50th anniversary, we at Golfview look forward to the future history of our school!

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