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Perry Elementary
Principal Kristin Sainbury
Spring 2013

Josephine Perry School was dedicated on October 8, 1967 during the schools very first open house. At the dedication the following words were said, "In the firm belief that education is our greatest guarantee of liberty, freedom, and the democratic way of life; and in the fervent hope that the boys and girls coming under its influence here will live happier and more useful lives, the people of this school district respectfully dedicate this building to the youth of the community."

Perry is known for its dedicated teaching staff. Throughout the years many great educators have spent the better part of their careers at Perry. Perry's namesake, Josephine Perry, taught in Dundee for 53 years beginning in 1910. Whether a middle school or an elementary school, Perry has always had pride.

Currently, Perry Elementary serves an older urban portion of the Carpentersville community located on the east side of the Fox River. The housing surrounding Perry Elementary is mostly comprised of Post World War II tract housing and Foxview Apartments. The residents of the surrounding tract housing tend to be either original homeowners, or come from a rapidly growing immigrant population from Mexico.

Perry has a long standing tradition in the Carpentersville community. These days it is not hard to find someone who either had a child who attended Perry or attended Perry themselves. Often times our current students' parents are Perry alums.

The mascot of Perry School is the wildcat. The school colors are blue and white.

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