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Visitor Management System Enhancements

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In alignment to our commitment to student and staff safety, District 300 is enhancing our security procedures. Effective March 1, 2017, all District 300 schools will implement a new visitor management system, replacing the current paper-based sign-in sheets. This system will check visitors against several security databases prior to granting access into our schools. The system will also automate the process by which the District tracks visitors.

District 300 understands this change may prompt some uncertainty and we want to provide answers to potential questions:

Q: What does this change mean for me?

A: If a visitor would like to enter the learning environment of any District 300 school, he or she will be required to present one of the following forms of identification: state driver license, state identification card, consular ID card, green card, active military card, or passport card (not the full passport). Once a visitor has been cleared to enter the learning environment, he or she will be issued a school-specific visitor badge that must be worn at all times within the building. To receive a visitor badge, a visitor must turn-in his or her ID to main office staff (vehicle keys may be used as a substitute). The request of an ID or vehicle keys is utilized to ensure all visitor badges are returned upon the conclusion of each visit and cannot be used to access additional buildings at additional times. This practice is already used across most District 300 schools and will be fully enforced district-wide beginning March 1st.

Q: How does the new system work?

A: The system scans a visitor’s identification and checks it against a registered sex offender database and any custody or protection orders on file with the District to ensure the safety of our students.

Q: What happens to the information collected by the District?

A: The visitor management system scans the visitor’s name, date of birth, and photo for comparison with a national database and with any private alerts set up by the school. All information collected by the visitor management system is strictly and exclusively intended for internal use by District 300 staff. No visitor data will be shared with any outside private, public, or governmental organization.

Q: What if I’m just dropping off my child’s homework or lunch? Do I still need to sign in?

A: This change will not impact parents who make quick stops to a school’s main office for occasions such as a forgotten lunch or to pick up a child for an appointment. This new process will only be implemented for individuals requesting to access the school beyond the main office during the school day while students are present.

Q: What if I forget my ID?

A: A visitor who doesn’t have an ID must remain in the main office until an administrator is notified. The building administrator will make the final determination regarding the issuance of a visitor’s badge to anyone without an ID and only after being able to verify who they are.

Q: Why is this system beneficial?

A: The system enhances our security and ability to protect our students and staff.

Q: Where else is the system used?

A: The system has been successfully implemented in many surrounding districts, including: Geneva District 304, Huntley District 158, Crystal Lake District 47 and 155, and U-46 in Elgin.

If you have questions about the new system or its rollout, please contact Mr. Gary Chester, Director of School Safety at 847-551-8300.


Fred Heid


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