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Parents Can Keep Informed of Student’s Bus Route Progress by Downloading the Durham Bus Tracker App

The “Durham Bus Tracker” improves communication for parents and students who ride District school buses.

Our transportation partner, Durham School Services, has developed a phone app allowing parents to securely view the location of their child’s bus in relation to their assigned bus stop.

The Durham Bus Tracker app ensures that only parents and guardians of students assigned to specific bus routes are able to view the location of their student’s bus. The app requires parents and guardians to register and provide specific security information including a username, password, school name, and student ID number for each individual student. Once registered, the app will allow parents to view all of their students simultaneously from one device.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or directly at A parent must have a smart phone or tablet device to download the app.

Use of the app is purely voluntary.  At this time there is no cost associated with the app, however associated data charges may apply and will be the responsibility of the user.  In the future, there may be a nominal fee to download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, parents and guardians can follow these instructions:

  • “Create An Account” by entering your name and email address, then create a password for this application
  •  “Add Student” by first selecting a “Location” which is “Illinois,” then “CSC” which is Carpentersville, IL
  • Enter your “Student ID” number and “Student last name.”  This must be entered exactly as it is in the D300 student database
  • If you have more than one student, continue adding students then select “Save”
  • The information on the app does have a lag time of up to 3 minutes.  It is VERY important for students to still arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time to avoid missing the bus.  The bus will not return for students that were not at the bus stop at their correct time.  Please note that GPS data gives us data such as speed of vehicle, idling time, accurate time of bus arrival to any location and door opening at each stop
  • Late start and early release day schedules won’t be reflected in the app but you can see where the bus is located

Please note, there are currently a few drawbacks to the system and we are working with the developer to address these issues. For example, if a bus is removed from service for maintenance and a back-up bus is used for the route, your child’s bus will indicate a bus stationed in the bus lot.  In other words, you will not be able to track the bus while it is out of service and the sub bus won’t be in the system for you to track.  The second is a three-minute delay of information.  Please understand, for security reasons “real-time” is dictated and regulated by the federal government.  Finally, as mentioned earlier, our late start and early release day schedules won’t be reflected in the app.

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