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National Teacher Appreciation Week

Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy sent the following message to District 300 faculty and staff on Monday, May 6:

"To kick off National Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week 2013 here in District 300, I want to start by celebrating the huge night that our district had at the Kane County Educator of the Year awards event on Friday.  Neubert Elementary Education Services Teacher Julie Voss won the Associate Educator of the Year award, Lakewood's Josh Horton earned Middle School Teacher of the Year, and District Safety Officer Gary Chester was honored with the Regional Superintendent's Award.  The excitement in the air was energizing, as wave after wave of applause grew louder from our section of the ballroom.  The sense of District 300 pride was undeniable among the nearly 150 members of our district family who came together to honor the very best that public education has to offer.

The award acceptance speeches by our faculty and staff resonated with me all weekend, partly for their passionate eloquence but also for the humble wisdom they provide all of us as we strive to move forward together as a united district.

Julie Voss from Neubert reminded the audience that “if you've met one person with autism, you've met one person. They are all unique.”  Her insight was profound, with implications far beyond the autism spectrum.  It is easy to assume that everyone within a certain group is alike.  Whether you are a teacher, nurse, paraeducator, secretary, custodian, or an administrator, colleagues and community members may lump you into a stereotype that doesn’t fully acknowledge all of the unique qualities, skills and experiences you bring to the table.  As we recharge our batteries this summer, I ask that every single one of us stops to reflect on the assumptions that we each make – oftentimes inadvertently – about those in other groups.  Ask yourself how those assumptions may hold us all back from even greater levels of excellence.  I am driven by the vision of every single one of us someday seeing what we have in common – our mutual desire to give students what they need to thrive.  Let’s see what we can achieve together when more of us make the personal commitment to always assume the best about each other.

Another poignant moment Friday evening came when Josh Horton from Lakewood School urged the crowd to remember two words: CHOICE and BELIEF.  He went on to tell the story of one of his students – DeAngelo – who believed in a better future for himself and chose to overcome the tremendous odds against him.  Choice and belief are two powerful themes that have the potential to elevate all of our lives, no matter our age, job or individual circumstances.  The extent to which we embrace these themes in our personal and professional lives will also determine our collective success as a school district.

Ultimately, it’s a good thing that we are far more motivated by student success than by personal recognition, since none of us is thanked for our work nearly as often as we should be!  Whether you are a rising star like first-year teacher Rachel Garrett at Oak Ridge School, or you have earned legend status like Rita Krewer finishing her 49th year teaching at Dundee Highlands Elementary, you all deserve to know that you are truly appreciated.  Thank you for your ongoing willingness to grow and learn as our field continues to evolve, and thank you most of all for your service above self.


Michael "

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