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Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

Next week (Monday-Tuesday, Nov. 25-26), parents throughout District 300 will be meeting with teachers for annual Parent-Teacher Conferences.  These important conversations provide a unique opportunity for parents and teachers to meet face-to-face for discussions about student strengths, challenges, and ways that parents and teachers can partner together in supporting each student.  To make the most of your conference time, please consider the following ideas:


  • Email your child’s teacher(s) a few days before the meeting to mention questions or concerns you have about your child's learning experience.  This will allow the teacher to do his/her best to include these topics into your conference if possible. Click here for the D300 Faculty & Staff Directory and choose your child's school.
  • Talk with your child.  Find out what he/she enjoys about school, and how your child perceives learning and the classroom.


  • Arrive on time.  The time you have for your conference is precious.  Arriving late may shorten this important conversation with your child’s teacher and potentially impact the schedule for parents after you. Ideally, arrive a few minutes early to ensure the maximum possible time with the teacher.
  • Begin with a positive attitude.  It is essential for teachers and parents to work as partners for the success of the child. Remember that parents and teachers both have the child’s best interests in mind, even if you come from different perspectives.  Consider starting the conversation with a compliment, and then address any concerns in a respectful way. 
  • Keep the big picture in mind.  While you may want to talk about a specific test score or particular report card grade, it is important to hear and consider the overall “big picture” regarding how your child is doing in school.


  • Talk with your child.  Share the positive things the teacher had to say, and follow up on issues that need to be addressed.  For example, if your child is struggling to return classwork on time, help him/her to establish a system to better organize school materials.
  • Stay in touch with your child’s teacher.  The most productive partnerships are ongoing, not simply once a year.  Think of your conference as one of many stops on a journey together with your child’s teacher.
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