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411 Review: November 11, 2013

Four Items from One School Board Meeting in One Minute!

1. Students who recently earned the “Golden Grizzlies” honor at Gilberts Elementary School led the Pledge of Allegiance.  As introduced by Principal Craig Zieleniewski, these outstanding Gilberts students included Cody Adamczyk, Ben Arvia, Sophia Calinski, Jackson Gillespie, Kiersten Grutzius, Jessica Haugen, Ashtyn Jensen, May Kimura, Hayden Leib, Abigail Lentz, Makayla Maurer, Kayli Nordstrom, Kayla Sonn, and Kristion Tomlin.

2. The School Board heard an update from members of the staff committee working to implement Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) in D300.  LEAD Members Mike Williamson and Cathy Grochowski partnered with administrators Kara Vicente and Chris Columbaro to detail the work that the committee has completed, and what their next steps will include, in determining a plan that will begin including “student growth” in the annual performance evaluations of D300 teachers.  You can watch this conversation on the BoardDocs webpage.  Choose the November 11 Board meeting, click Watch Video, and select agenda item #6.4.

3. Chief Financial Officer Susan Harkin presented the tentative tax levy for District 300.  A video of her presentation, which helps to explain the levy process and timeline, can be viewed on the BoardDocs webpage by choosing agenda item #6.3.  

4. State Representative Bob Pritchard, who represents a portion of the D300 community, shared with the Board a summary of the recent “veto session” by the Illinois General Assembly, and he provided insights about ongoing legislative concerns.  Rep. Pritchard’s commentary can be seen by choosing agenda item #6.2 on BoardDocs.

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