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Induction and Mentoring


All documents and information regarding the Induction and Mentoring program are available on SharePoint.


Purpose: To retain high quality staff and promote professional growth.


Year I

  1. Retain 85 % of all novice hires from Year 1 to Year 2.
  2. Provide pre-service required Induction Academy for all new hires to D300 that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Standards of behavior for all D300 staff.
    2. Information regarding contracts and requirements for all D300 staff.
    3. Information about D300 as a system (demographics, central office personnel, Board of Education members/functions, etc.)
    4. Opportunities for all new staff to meet at their base buildings.
    5. Opportunities for all new staff to meet with an experienced staff member to discuss needs for initial weeks of school year.
  3. Mentors meet with novice staff for 28 hours Year I. A general "curriculum" has been established with allowances for individual needs.
  4. Utilize the Danielson Framework for Professional Practice (D300 version) as the discussion anchor to improve professional practice.
  5. Align the mentoring program process with the D300 Evaluation process.
  6. Develop strong understanding of Levels of Performance for educators.
  7. Encourage evaluators to use mentors as "coaches" to improve professional practice of mentees.
  8. Create confidential agreement between mentor and mentee regarding discussion with administration.
  9. Ratio of mentor to mentee = 1/3
  10. Trained mentors in all buildings
  11. Satisfaction rating on end of year survey of 4/5
  12. Satisfaction rating on end of year survey by principals/evaluators of 4/5

Year II

  1. Keep 90% of those involved in the program from Year 2 to Year 3.
  2. Provide a voluntary Year 2 program:
    1. 22 hours of contact time with a mentor
    2. Group based versus individual
    3. Focused on Domain III of the Framework for Professional Practice

Philosophy: The District 300 Induction/Mentoring is designed to be a comprehensive and intensive program of professional development focused on positively affecting student achievement by:

- attracting

- hiring

- retaining highly qualified novice staff and increasing staff performance through developing a supportive and reflective relationship with an experienced colleague.

The D300 program is an approved Induction and Mentoring Program by the Illinois State Board of Education as means to move from an Initial to Standard Certificate.

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