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Water Testing Results

Public Act 099-0922 requires all Illinois school districts to test lead levels in drinking water sources in any schools or buildings that house grades between preschool and fifth grade that were built before January 1, 1987. A separate round of testing is required by the end of 2018 for similar buildings built between January 2, 1987 and January 1, 2000.

In District 300, 11 sites were identified as meeting the criteria for testing under Public Act 099—0922: Dundee Highlands Elementary, Golfview Elementary, Hampshire Elementary, Lake in the Hills Elementary, Lakewood Elementary, Meadowdale Elementary, Neubert Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Perry Elementary, Sleepy Hollow Elementary, and Westfield Community School.

While the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulation establishes that lead contaminates are an issue (and require remediation) if the test results exceed 15 parts per billion (ppb), the Illinois legislature established a more stringent threshold, requiring school districts to notify parents if lead is found in waters at levels at or above 5 ppb (for context, levels found in samples collected in Flint, Michigan registered up to 13,000 parts per billion).

District 300 has partnered with TEM Environmental, an environmental health company, to conduct the first phase of testing. TEM Environmental’s tests involved collecting two samples from each water source. One sample was drawn at the start of the day, after water was allowed to sit undisturbed overnight. This sample is referred to as the “first pull.” The second sample, called the “second pull,” was collected after water was allowed to run for 30 seconds. The state requires the District to report any test (regardless of it being the first pull or second pull) with lead levels at 5.0 ppb or higher.

More than 229 water samples were collected from the aforementioned schools from June 6 to June 12. Of those samples, 51 tested at or above a state threshold of 5 parts per billion. Of the 51 samples that included elevated levels of lead, 7 of those samples would meet the EPA standards according to the water quality reports. 

Moving forward, District 300 will start permanent remediation at all locations that have exceeded the 5.0 ppb action level for lead. Once remediation efforts are completed, the locations will be retested.

Below, you will find complete testing results:


  • The District will replace any water fountains that tested above 4.99 ppb, which totals 35 water fountains out of 102 (34%).
    • All water fountains with a test result of greater than 5 ppb will be replaced prior to the start of the school year and before employees return to school this August.
    • While we had 35 fountains with a test result higher than 5 ppb, only one water fountain tested above the EPA threshold of 15 ppb (with a first pull result of 21.3 ppb and a second pull result of 3.86 ppb).
  • The District will replace any sink/faucet involving cooking or food preparation that tested above 4.99 ppb. This involves 16 sinks out of 127 (13%).
  • Any sink being used for cooking and/or food prep will be replaced prior to the start of the school year and before employees return to school this August
  • While we will address any sink/faucet above 5 ppb, please know that only 7 of the 127 sinks tested exceeded the EPA guideline of 15 ppb (or 6%). None of these were for food prep and/or cooking
  • Any sink that tested at 5.0 ppb or higher will be clearly marked with signs that read “For Hand Washing Only” and will be posted in both English and Spanish.

Notification to Families

School District 300 sent letters via email on July 20 to parents with children attending school sites exceeding 5ppb.

Student safety remains our highest priority. District 300 will take every action and precaution to ensure student health and wellness. We will continue to post updates to this page.


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