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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the App


Is the app just for D300 parents?

No. The D300 mobile app is geared for anyone and everyone, no matter where you live or how closely you are tied to D300 schools! It is a tool for community members, students, graduates, grandparents, aunts and uncles, faculty and staff, news reporters, parents of elementary students, parents of teens, English speakers and non-English speakers!  The app offers something for everyone, from snow day announcements, to the Performing Arts calendar, sports scores, safety hotline, school newsletters, School Board meeting info, and so much more. 


Watch the orientation video?  Click here to watch a short video introducing you to the D300 mobile app.

Download the app?  The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Search for School District 300. Click “free.” Have your Apple or Google password ready. After the app has installed, click “open.” (For mobile devices other than Apple and Android products, please click here.)

Customize my News and Calendar feeds to include the schools I’m interested in? 

  • Click on the Settings gear, which will be on the 2nd or 3rd screen of the app. Click “Follow schools.” (By default, district-level news is automatically included in your app, as well as district calendars: general, Board, and performing arts.)
  • Scroll down to see the list of schools, which starts with high schools. Click on a school you want to follow. Then click either “All” if you want to include ALL notifications, news, social media, and calendar items for that school, or just click “News” and “Calendar” if you only want to receive the school’s website articles and calendar entries.
  • After making your selections, click “Back” to return to the list of schools and repeat this selection process for any other schools that interest you.  You don’t have to attend or have students at a school to include it in your feed. There is no limit to how many schools you may include.
  • When you are done selecting your schools of interest and customizing the items you want to see for each school, click “Settings” at the top of the school list, and finally click “home” to return to the app Home.

View Student Info?

  • D300 parents/guardians at all grade levels, and all D300 middle and high school students, are welcome to access their student information on the app. To do so, click the Student Info icon. Use the secure password to log in that was emailed/mailed to you by District 300. If you lost or never received your password, please contact your school secretary to acquire your password.  After you have logged in to the Student Info icon, you may update/change your password to one of your own choosing.  (NOTE:  The Student Info icon on the app is NOT the same as the IC Parent/Student Portal.  The app and the Portal are separate services with different passwords.)
  • To view grades and assignments (available regarding middle and high school students only), click on “Classes.”
  • You may also use the Student Info icon to view your child’s cafeteria fund balance, general attendance information, and household contact information.

Set up Notifications?

  • Click on the Notifications icon on the app, then click the gear on the top right.  Within the Notifications folder, click on Follow Schools.  Scroll down the list, click on the schools of interest, and then click “receive inbox messages.”  By choosing to “receive inbox messages” for a particular school, you will receive all Rapid Communication System (RCS) emails and voicemails that this principal chooses to send to the app. These will include general news items for that school as well as emergency announcements.
  • Click “back” on the top left to repeat this process for multiple schools on the list.
  • The app will automatically send your mobile device a brief, text-like alert when you have a new notification, unless you turn off this feature.
  • The app is set to automatically send you district-wide notifications (RCS messages), including snow day announcements and other important news from the Superintendent or the Department of Communication Services.

Choose a language?  Click on the Settings gear, which will be on the 2nd or 3rd screen of the app.  Click on Select Language.  Scroll down to see the options, and choose your preferred language.  Please note that this is an autotranslator which will not translate everything exactly as a native speaker would.

Set up my Sports page? 

  • Click on the Sports icon on the front screen of the app. Click “Change” on the top right.  Click the high school you’re interested in.  Scroll down to see the list of available sports.  (NOTE: The sports and other details are limited to what is available through MaxPreps.) 
  • Click on a sport you want to include. Repeat this process to include other schools/sports of interest to you.
  • When you exit to the app home page and re-enter the Sports page, the school/sport that you last visited will appear first.  To switch to another sport you had previously selected, click “Change” to see your customized list.


What if a calendar item is listed incorrectly? 

  • Most district-level calendar items are maintained by D300 Communication Services.  Concerns about the general D300 calendar entries or the School Board meetings calendar entries may be sent to
  • D300 Coordinator of Music Activities Jennifer Troy maintains the D300 Performing Arts calendar.  Concerns on Performing Arts calendar entries may be sent to
  • School-level calendar entries are maintained by school office personnel.  Concerns about school-level calendar entries may be sent to the school office.

My school/department/club has a social media presence. Why isn’t it showing on the app?  School administrators decide which of the school’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to include on the mobile app.  Questions and suggestions about school social media pages may be directed to your school’s administration.


  • Who can help me with logging in?  If you have forgotten your Student Info password, or if you have never been issued a password, please contact your school secretary for access. 
  • Why doesn’t my Parent/Student Portal log-information work for the app?  The Student Info icon on the app is not the same as the IC Parent/Student Portal.  The app and the Portal are two separate services.  They have different password information. You are welcome to use both services, or just choose one.
  • If my contact information is listed incorrectly, what do I do?   To correct or update your contact information in the app, please contact your school secretary to update the school's records.  The app pulls parent/student contact information directly from Infinite Campus.  The app is updated nightly.
  • Why can I only view my information, not my spouse’s?  Each authorized parent/guardian is issued his/her own password, and each parent/guardian may have a unique set of children to access.
  • Why don't I see my child's grades on the app?  Just like in the IC Parent Portal, grade information is only available on the app for secondary (middle and high school) students.  All grade information is maintained by classroom teachers, and  ParentLink updates the information nightly.  The grades that you see on an ongoing basis are considered “in progress” grades.  At the end of a term when the teacher finalizes a grade, the grade you will temporarily see is the “posted” grade.
  • If my child’s cafeteria balance is low, how do I address this?  To add money to your child’s MealpayPlus account or get more information, please visit the Mealpay Plus webpage.
  • What if I have a question about the attendance information listed for my child?  Questions about the attendance information listed in the Student Info icon may be directed to your school’s attendance secretary in the school office.

If you have questions on topics not addressed above, please email  Thank you!

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