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Board Finance Committee

Looking for upcoming Board Finance Committee Meeting Agenda or Minutes ? - Click Here

Standing Committee of the Board of Education. The committee studies and reviews the finances of District 300 to make recommendations to the Board of Education which includes the following:

A. Monitors and reviews annual budget, tax levies, major expenditures, payment of obligations, annual audit, and other aspects of the District's financial operation.

B. Monitors and reviews state standards for financial review to ensure the district is improving the financial status.

C. Monitors and reviews Administrative recommendations for budget reductions and or allocations of surplus funds.

D. Oversees Technology to ensure efficiency of operations and advancement



  • Board representatives: Co-Chair Chris Stanton and Dave Alessio

  • Ex-Officio Member Anne Miller, Board President, Dr. Michael Bregy, Superintendent and Sarah Kedroski, Associate Superintendent

  • Chief Financial Officer: Susan Harkin

  • Director of Finance: MeriAnn Besonen

  • Lead Membership

  • Community members: Joe Cavarallo and Bob Schwab
  •  Recording Secretary: Gayle Seaton


Effective May 7, 2014 meetings are held at the Bunker Hill Professional Development Center, 2605 Bunker Hill Dr., Algonquin,IL and will begin at 5:30 p.m.

To view the upcoming meeting agenda and or approved minutes from meetings held after July 1, 2012; click on the following link:

and then select the "Library" tab, "General" tab and then select the committee.

7/17/20135:00 PMConference Room A
8/7/20135:00 PMConference Room A
9/4/20135:00 PMConference Room A
10/9/20135:00 PMConference Room A
11/6/20135:00 PMConference Room A
12/4/20135:00 PMConference Room A
1/8/20145:00 PMConference Room A
2/5/20145:00 PMCANCELLED
3/5/20145:00 PMConference Room A
4/9/20145:00 PMCANCELLED
5/7/20145:30 PMBunker Hill PDC
6/4/20145:30 PMBunker Hill PDC



Contact Us

Please direct questions about the D300 Board Finance Committee to Gayle Seaton at phone 847.551.8351 or email

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